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Club 125

Consists of 125 members.  Membership will be by ticket (numbered from 1-125) at a price of $60.00 per year or $6.00 per month for 10 months. If paid monthly the money is due by the first Monday of the month. This will ensure eligibility for monthly prizes.



For 10 months, there will be 3 - $25.00 awards. These numbers will be drawn at the Associations monthly meeting, the first of each month.



Once a year there will be the "Annual Meeting", admission to which will be paid-up ticket (numbers) holders and invited guest of the committee. All numbers will be sealed in an envelope and placed in a drum. Numbers shall be drawn one at a time and the following prizes awarded. 1st, 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th, 100th and 120th numbers drawn shall receive an $25.00 award.  A Grand Prize of $3,000.00 shall be awarded to the last 5 numbers left. If all five ticket holders agree to split the prize evenly, then each will receive $600.00. If anyone of the 5 do not agree to split then a draw off shall take place and the final number shall be reduced to 4. This will continue until all agree to split or there is only one left.

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